• Sabzi Special 

    A selection of fresh seasonal vegetables cooked in a medium thick sauce using tomatoes, home-made garam masala and garnished with coriander. 
  • Aloo Ghobi Bhuna 

    Potatos and cauliflower in a thick bhuna sauce with aromatic home-made spices. 
  • Mushroom Bhuna 

    Pan fried mushrooms in a garlic and ginger based medium sauce. 
  • Saag 

    Spinach cooked with medium spices. A true traditional dish. 
  • Saag Aloo 

    Spinach and potatoes in a medium thick sauce, created using a blend of unique herbs and spices to achieve full flavour. 
  • Bhindi Bhaji 

    Pan fried Bindi in a garlic and ginger based sauce. 
  • Saag Aloo Paneer 

    Spinach cooked with potatoes and Indian cottage cheese. This dish is made with medium spices yet achieving a pungent flavour. 
  • Tarker Dall 

    Lentils cooked with fried garlic in a medium thick sauce, garnished with coriander. 
  • Brinjal Masala 

    Indian traditional dry aubergine and potato dish, simmered in a ginger and turmeric base, with onions, tomatoes and a touch of green chillies. 
  • Matter Paneer 

    Indian cottage cheese with garden peas simmered in a tomato and butter sauce. 
  • Bombay Potatoes 

    This is probably amongst the favourite vegetarian dishes in the sub-continent. Made using spiced potatoes and fresh home-made spices to create that unique flavour. 
  • Chana Masala 

    Chick peas cooked in a special medium sauce, garnished with spring onions and coriander. 
Vegetarian Selection are available with the following choices:

  • Side Dish£6.50
  • Main Dish£8.90
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Fish.
    Spicy on the tongue.
    For the more adventurous.
    Bring it on...
  • * Actual price depends on choice.