• £0.60

  • £0.70
    Spiced Poppadom 

  • Chutney 

    • £0.60
    • £0.60
    • £0.60
  • £3.50
    4 Poppadoms and Chutneys 

  • £0.70
    Spiced Mint Sauce 

  • £0.70
    Mixed Pickle 

  • £4.50
    Fish Pakora 

    Deep-fried cod fillets in seasoned batter. Served with an accompanying dip. 
  • Samosa 

    A crispy pastry filled with spicy mixed vegetables. 
    • £2.90
    • £2.90
  • £2.90
    Vegetable Pakora 

    Strands of onions, vegetables and spices. Served with an accompanying dip. 
  • £4.95
    Tandoori King Prawn Puri 

    Deep fried puri bread filled with spiced king prawns. Served with salad. 
  • £4.50
    Spicy Nights Mix 

    A selection of fish,chicken,mushroom and vegetable pakoras. 
  • £4.25
    Crispy Chicken 

    Chicken cooked with onion, peppers and salt. Chinese style with an Indian twist. 
  • £3.10
    Mushroom Pakora 

    Deep-fried mushrooms in a delicate seasoned batter. 
  • £4.40
    Boti Kebab 

    Tender chunks of lamb, cooked in a tandoori sauce with onions and peppers. 
  • £4.40
    Hot Meat 

    Tender pieces of meat cooked in a highly flavoured sauce,using fresh green chillies and coriander. 
  • £4.20
    Chicken Pakora 

    Tender fillets of chicken, fried in seasoned batter. 
  • £2.90
    Onion Bhaji 

    Deep-fried onion strands in a spicy battermix. 
  • £4.40
    Chicken Tikka 

    Tender fillets of chicken, cooked in the tandoor. 
  • £3.90
    Seekh Kebab 

    Ground meat with traditional spices and aromatic herbs, cooked in the tandoor for a delicate taste. 
  • £4.30
    Mixed Kebab 

    A selection of chicken tikka, onion bhaji and seekh kebab. 
  • £4.50
    Quarter Tandoori Chicken 

    A quarter chicken in a well flavoured marinade for a special flavour. 
  • Puree 

    Chicken, lamb, prawns or vegetables cooked in a medium bhuna sauce using onions, tomatoes, capsicum and coriander in a desirable ginger and garlic sauce to achieve its full flavour. 
    • £4.40
    • £4.40
    • £4.40
    • £4.40
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Fish.
    Spicy on the tongue.
    For the more adventurous.
    Bring it on...
  • * Actual price depends on choice.